Be a name in the game

We’ve logged many play sessions since the start of beta testing of The Cog Reaper and have fixed some of the key issues affecting the majority of devices. I’m now hoping to increase this testing to more devices. For this we need more coginos to start running from The Cog Reaper!

We would love for anyone who’s played The Cog Reaper so far to perhaps mention it to a friend, or throw a share up on facebook, or a tweet on twitter or just an email to a Cogfam member who might be interested.

We would like to offer any sharers a permanent place in the game as one of the named cogarinos’ that attempts to escape The Cog Reaper.

To be included:

  1. Share the game on social media
  2. Throw the name you’d like to be included in the title (I wont include names with any offensive language)
  3. Keep the game updated to see your name appear ingame 🙂

This offer will be open for the forseeable time 🙂

If we miss your post for whatever reason, just get in touch via email, twitter or facebook 🙂

– Quixatocs

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