How to ‘be’ a Game Developer Part 1 : The Beginning (from Quixatocs)

I’m Huw ‘Quixatocs’ Davies, I’m a 31yo self-taught game designer from the UK. When I started designing games, a few years ago, I had no professional experience in either programming or game development. This blog is for those that are in a similar situation and who may want to make the same pilgrimage along the path to a potential career in video games. I firmly believe that anyone starting this journey needs only one thing, determination. That’s my ‘It’s dangerous to go alone, take this’, so, take that!

The first few posts will be about my history and how I got into designing games. How I levelled up the skills, how I LFGed when I needed some, and how I blagged the rest. I then intend to keep this blog rolling around the developments I’m working on at the time and other thoughts into those projects.  

I’ve been a gamer practically all my life. Ever since my dad got me (him) a Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1990. From my early days with Mario and Zelda my interest in games has touched pretty much all the existing major genres out there. A quick ‘/played’ of my life would suggest that I’ve spent waking years of my life with First Person Shooters, Real Time Strategies, Turn Based Strategies , Role Playing Games, and MMOs to include just a few. And I regret nothing!

So, right now I’m about to deploy an alpha version of my company’s first game onto the android play store. In the next post I’ll show you how I got there.

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